Atlanta Science Festival


This project was a short-form video animation designed to promote the Atlanta Science Festival on various social media platforms. For this video, I decided to focus on a unique and intriguing fact: that every odd number contains the letter 'E' in its spelling.

To effectively convey this fact and promote it, I utilized a creative concept involving a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass served as a tool that embarked on a scavenger hunt within the world of numbers. As it journeyed through the map, it unveiled interesting and surprising facts about the topic, with the presence of 'E' in odd numbers being the central focus.

Understanding the User

To inform the redesign, I conducted in-depth interviews the target audience. Insights gathered included user preferences, pain points, and desired features. Understanding their motivations and expectations was crucial to aligning the redesign with user needs.


The primary goal of this interview was to determine the users comfort levels and experiences using e-commerce websites.
In the interviews, I asked demographic and informational questions that would allow me the gauge the user’s experiences. These questions would help me identify their goals and pain points seen in their real life experiences.

Demographic Questions

● I asked questions about their age, Occupation, educational background, & working status.
● Additionally, I asked questions about what their typical day consists of.

Informational Questions

● Comfort level with tech? Devices Used?
● What apps/sites do you use typically?
● How do you typically buy clothing?
       ● If online, where do you buy clothing?
● Why do you buy clothing online?
● Are there any issues with shopping?
       ● If there are, how could these issues be solved?
       ● How did you come up with any solutions?

● Which websites, if any, gave you the best experiences?
● What were some of the good experiences?
       ● If not mentioned, Was this website easy to navigate?
● Which websites, if any, gave you the worst experience?
       ● What were some of the bad experiences?
       ● Can you describe the experience?
       ● If not mentioned, Was this website easy to navigate?

User Persona

These interviews helped me gather information on what users like, how they behave, and what problems they face when using ecommerce websites. I used the information I gathered from the interviews to create a user persona that represents my target user. Creating a user persona allows me to understand target users betters and make design decisions that cater to their specific needs and preferences.

User Persona

Problem Statement

The website’s home page, search section, and product page cause experience issues for the users. On the website, users must go through a lot of unnecessary steps to see product info, and there are many unorthodox sections throughout the website. Therefore, I chose to focus on improving these 3 elements based on these questions.

Home Page

As the current site has an unorthodox home page, how can I make the home be more familiar for users compared to other sites, while maintaining a unique experience?

Search Experience

How can I allow users to see everything they’re searching for more efficiently?

Product Page

How can I streamline the process of choosing sizes and seeing all of the available product info quicker?

Style guide

The style guide shows the system I will follow for the final product. Here I have listed my system for typography, buttons, input fields & components.

Final DESIGN AND prototype

Video showcasing the final redesign & prototype for GOAT's website redesign.

Logo design

For the logo redesign, I aimed to pay homage to the early elements of the Atlantic Records brand while giving it a modern twist. The logo prominently features the letters A and R, representing Atlantic Records. Between these letters, there's a striking silhouette of a vinyl record, harkening back to the label's historical roots when vinyl records were a defining medium. It's worth noting that vinyl records have experienced a resurgence in popularity in today's music scene, adding a contemporary touch to the logo.

The design of the logo intentionally draws inspiration from the aesthetic often associated with jazz, as Atlantic Records originally made its mark in the world of jazz music during its early years. This fusion of historical and modern elements results in a logo that not only honors the label's legacy but also resonates with today's music landscape.

Essential branding

In crafting the branding for my project, I opted for a primary color palette centered around Indigo Blue and Chardonnay. Complementing these primary hues, I also incorporated secondary colors that featured variations of my primary choices, along with the inclusion of a vibrant brick red. This diverse palette was strategically designed to provide flexibility and create contrast when necessary.

The selection of Indigo Blue as the predominant color stemmed from Atlantic's historical ties to New York, both in its founding and current location. Blue is a color often intertwined with the identity of New York City, making it a fitting choice for the branding. This color palette not only pays homage to Atlantic's heritage but also allows for a visually engaging and adaptable branding scheme.


As part of the rebranding effort, I created a distinctive letterhead and a set of business cards to reinforce the brand's identity.

The letterhead design smartly incorporates the primary brand color, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance for all official correspondence. This consistent use of the brand's primary color on the letterhead helps establish a strong and recognizable visual identity.

For the business cards, I took a strategic approach by designing them to differentiate the various departments within the brand based on color. This approach not only personalizes the cards for employees but also communicates the brand's diversity and multifaceted nature.

mobile app

The mobile app I developed functions as a comprehensive hub for all things related to Atlantic Records. It serves as a versatile platform offering a wide range of features:

Streaming Service: Users can access and enjoy music from Atlantic Records' extensive catalog. This feature provides an immersive audio experience, promoting the label's musical offerings.

Artist Updates: The app keeps users in the loop with timely updates about their favorite artists. This helps maintain and strengthen the fan-artist relationship while enhancing engagement.

Merchandise Shop: Fans have the opportunity to purchase merchandise from their beloved artists, extending the brand's reach beyond music. The app's design strategy focuses on consistently showcasing the brand's new identity, with particular emphasis on the prominent use of the brand's colors. This ensures that the app not only aligns with the rebranded visual elements but also reinforces and propagates them. By utilizing these colors strategically, the app creates a visually cohesive and immersive experience that keeps the brand at the forefront of users' minds.

advertising campaign

I developed a potential advertising campaign that centers around Atlantic Records' remarkable success in the music industry. I noticed that achieving Gold certification from the RIAA is a coveted goal for many artists, and Atlantic Records boasts numerous artists who've attained this status. To capture this achievement, I coined the slogan "HOME OF GOLD," which would be a central theme throughout the campaign.

For the visual design, I created eye-catching 3D graphics to effectively convey the message. One key element is a bus stop advertisement that prominently emphasizes Atlantic Records as the "Home of Gold." In this design, I aimed to create a world immersed in gold, featuring an array of golden vinyl records and a central "Home of Gold" symbol.

Furthermore, I envisioned a complementary billboard ad that serves as a link to the bus stop ad. It zooms in on the "home of gold" and introduces an iconic element—the Atlantic Records Golden key. This strategy ensures a cohesive and memorable campaign that underscores the label's legacy of success in the music industry.

additional assets

I created more elements for the brand to further emphasize the brand's identity. These elements included an album cover with vinyl, RIAA plaques, and hoodie merchandise.

Nightmare on 38th StNightmare on 38th St Fisheye
Nightmare on 38th St Type
Camp Moda 3D Logo
Camp Moda LogosCamp Moda Poster
Moda Desktop
Moda Black Shirt FrontModa Black Shirt Back
Moda White Shirt FrontModa White Shirt Back
Moda Monsters

Initial promotion

For my initial promotion, I recreated my designs in Cinema 4D to showcase the reversibility of the designs in a unique & engaging way. This video garnered more than double the views of my previous videos, allowing for a larger audience to see my product before launching.

Mohair Panda

For this colorway's campaign, I wanted to use photography to simultaneously showcase both sides of the beanie in a creative way. The final concept I landed on was using a mirror to capture a model's reflection with blue skies surrounding her, and then using Photoshop to show the reversed colorway. After landing on a final composition, I made a static advertisement for the release.

Along with the advertisement, I directed product shots to showcase the beanie in more variations. Firstly, I directed shots on both genders with both sides visible to ensure the audience knew that the product was unisex. Secondly, I took standalone shots of the product on concrete to evoke the urban aesthetic that I was promoting. And finally, I took more standalone product shots with a pure white background that would be used for website purposes only.

Kill Bill

Rather than photography, this colorway's campaign was focused on 3D imagery. I wanted to catch my audience's eye immediately with bold, vibrant colors, and hive-mind-styled compositions.

Cotton candy x khaki grove

With this colorway's campaign, I introduced a video promotion and a cartoon-styled 3D advertisement. Also showcased here is the tech pack that I used with my manufacturer and the website's home page for this release.

Won't Back Down
Angel Pt 2

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